Foto: Roman Ekimov

Ivan Vyrypaev is a Russian playwright, director and screenplay writer.

He was born on August 3, 1974 in Irkutsk.Vyrypaev graduated from the Irkutsk Drama School in 1995 (branch: “theatre actor”) and worked as an actor and director in Irkutsk. He also founded the theatre group “play room”.

In 1998, he graduated from the Moscow Drama School (branch: “theatre directing”) and worked from 2001 as a theatre director mainly at “Theater.doc” in Moscow. Since 2006 he has directed several of his own plays at “Praktika” theatre in Moscow und written and directed his own movies.


Theatre plays: “Unendurably long embrace” (2014), “Drunks” (2014), “Summer wasps in Noember” (2012), “DreamWorks” (2011), “Illusions” (2011), “Comedy” (2010), “Delhi, a dance” (2009), “July” (2006), “Genesis n°2” (2004), “Oxygen” (2003), “Valentine’s day” (2001), “The City Where I Am” (2001), “Dreams” (1999)
Movies (written and directed by himself): “Euphoria” (2006), “Sensation” (2009, project “Short-circuit”), “Oxygen” (2009), “Delhi, a dance” (in progress)

“13 Texts Written in Autumn”, (prose works, 2005)

Theatre Awards:

Winner of several theatre awards in Russia, amongst others the Golden Mask Award for “Oxygen” and the International New Drama Festival Award for “Genesis” and “July”

Theatre work in Poland: he directed his own plays “July” and “Delhi, a dance” which have been awarded at several Polish Festivals

Winner of the International ”Contact” Theatre Festival Award, Poland, for “Oygen”

Winner of the Bansemer&Nyssen Playwright Award, Germany 2009

In 2011 Wyrypajew and his wife Karolina Gruszka (actress, plays the leading part in his plays) have been elected “People of the year” in Poland.

Movie Awards:

Winner of several movie awards for “Euphoria”, amongst others:

– “Leoncino d’Oro”( Independent Youth Jury Award ) at the 63. Venice Film Festival  (2006)

– Grand Prix at the 22nd International Film Festival in Warsaw

– Special Award of the Jury at Russian Film Festival “Kinotaurus” 2006

Winner of several movie awards for “Oxygen” at “Kinotaurus” 2009 (for the best directing, for the best music, Critics’ Prize “White Elephant”)