Språk: Engelska

Skådespelare: Valfritt

#Barn & Ungdom, #Från ca 6 år

Texten är utvecklad av Katie Mitchell och Lucy Kirkwood

Två barn vilse i skogen… spår av brödsmulor… och en förtrollad godisstuga…

★★★★ ”It’s rare to find a children’s show that manages so well to honour the imagination, plot-line and period-feel of a classic while bringing its own rich, irreverent spin to the fable /—/ the whole show is an irresistible feast for the senses – at any age.”/The Telegraph 

★★★★ ”Stories are very difficult to catch,” the Brothers Grimm announce at the beginning, as they go narrative-hunting with butterfly nets. /—/ Kirkwood capture the essence of this one…”/The Guardian 

★★★★ ”It’s a spritely retelling of the classic tale /—/ Most importantly, Kirkwood shows an excellent understanding of those concepts crucial to any children’s Christmas show, home and peril.”/Evening Standard