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”The rationalist in me says that Stephens doesn´t prepare for it too well. Yet the rationalist in me should probably take a walk, because his point is that irrationality, unpredictability, confusion stalk the places frequented by those about to take their A-levels.” /The Times

”… confronts young people as they really are, and build inexorable towards its tragic and violent climax.” /Guardian

”In his superb new play — Stephens evoke the twilight world of the teenager with scary vividness.” /Daily Telegraph

”Stephens, once a teacher, now a parent, writes with an astonishing authenticity and intensity, expertly nailing teenage turmoil, the teasing and taunting that goes too far.”   /Mail on Sunday

”… Simon Stephens  has created a stark, bracing and eventually brutal portrait of adolescent relationships in his new play…  Its one of the best plays of the year, whose themes have sadly reverberated in recent newspaper headlines.”   /Sunday Express

”Stephens shows adolescence as a time of collective disturbance, rampantly uncertain sexuality and random humor.”   /Observer