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Skådespelare: 11 | Roller: 2 k , 9 m

#Dramatik för vuxna

Historien om den berömde författaren C S Lewis kärleksaffär sent i livet som ställer hans tro och övertygelse på hårda prov.

”Superbly,The Wonder Of Late-Flowering Love,And The Terrible Pain Of Mortalty.” Daily Telegraph
Treats topics all too seldom aired in our theatres.” The Times
This is a play that explores love, faith and the fragility of human happiness with great grace and generosity.” Daily telegraph
”Exhilarating and overwhelming poignant.”
Evening standard
”Leaves you uplifted as well as moved.” Daily Express
A beautiful sad tale” Daily Mail
”It appeals to both head and heart. It tells a strange and moving love story but it also grapples with fundamental questions…” Financial Times
”It heaves the heart into great, dark caverns of distress from which you
emerge almost giddy with emotion.” Daily Mail

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