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#Dramatik för vuxna

★★★★★ ”Wow. Here’s a drama that channels all the righteous anger of the moment, the pent-up fury that women have found themselves at last allowed to express… Ella Hickson hits the jackpot with this coruscating examination of power structures both artistic and personal… blazes with passion and conviction.” /Evening Standard

★★★★★ ”…an eloquent, intellectually agile, vividly written and frequently furious play” /The Stage

★★★★ ”Painfully good.” /Time Out

”[There’s] epic beauty in this poetically messy, brilliantly clever piece of work…. [Ella Hickson is] a genius. /Exeunt

”A sophisticated play for the MeToo generation” /Telegraph

★★★★ ”Ella Hickson’s new play is an assault on the stage. The Writer /…/ shakes and splinters with wrath. It is not under control. It will be much imitated and most of the imitations will be terrible. But it may change the way people frame their thoughts.
The Writer is already sending audiences out divided between those who can’t stand it and those who want to stand up for it. It is also planting new conversations. It has not just passion – that excuse for sloppy sentences – but delving, fiery scepticism. Of a truly theatrical kind. For Hickson argues not only with words but with form. Anyone interested in the theatre should see The Writer.” /The Guardian